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Welcome to Usher Syndrome Australia 3 October, 2007

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Did you know?

  • 4 in 100,000 births have usher syndrome
  • As many as 30 million people may be carriers of usher genes
  • Usher syndrome represents one of the major cause of syndromic deafness with blindness


    Recent advancements in genetics have helped to identify congenital hearing disorders and to develop new screening methods. These advancements have lead to improved genetic counseling and early diagnosis of hearing disorders, leading to early interventions that can prevent delays in speech, language and learning.
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    Today’s community is far better informed and aware of the benefits of early diagnosis. Although this has improved, awareness is still not high enough, and victims of usher syndrome often only discover their condition well into their teenage years.
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    Fundraising is an enjoyable and effective way of contributing to our fight with usher syndrome, your initiative to hold a fundraising event is most welcomed and encouraged by Usher Syndrome Australia.
    Click here to find out more on our upcoming awareness events
    Click here to find out more on our latest fundraisers, and how you can hold your own fundraising event
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